UL Approved Wires for High Temperature Application (UL3644, 3239)

Our Thermoflexo S(E)T Series wires are designed with high safety in mind. The wire is made from high performance compound elastomer material with special tear-resist construction and super fine strength enforced conductors to ensure the wires’ high strength structure is maintained while keeping the wires’ high flexibility nature intact.

The wire is largely resistant to acids, basis, and common types of oils that customers would encounter in standard industrial conditions. Not only is the special sheath material has low smoke properties in the case of fire, the material is also ozone , salt water and weather proof.

We are also capable of producing special versions, dimensions, and colors of the wires in according to the customers’ request.

High Temperature resistant wires for high voltage applications up to 30kV are also available in our UL 3239 approved series.