Miniature Cables


Miniature cables are our specialty.

Our MiniQ series are meticulously manufactured to accommodate our customers’ needs in small, space constricting environments, while maintaining high service life of the cable.

We use special materials to produce our cable insulation and sheath to maintain compact structure, yet still be able to withstand tough ambient conditions.

Whether it’s high temperature, high flexibility, or acid-base sustainability, we have solutions to meet your criteria.

We are able to supply military grade miniature cables for use in aerospace and medical applications.

We can produce custom-made special cables in small quantities. You no longer have to settle for unfit cables, risking the stability of your automation systems. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of cables for various applications. We can offer minimum order quantities, starting at 100 m, with short delivery times. Many of our cables are also part of our standard stock, which are readily available for use.