About Us

P&D Cables Inc. is a medium-sized company located in Vancouver BC, Canada. We focus on research, development, production, and sales of specialized cable products essential in the automated industrial world today. Our technical staffs are continuously trained to provide the customer with the most up to date technology in the cable industry.

Using its many years of know-how and experience, P&D Cables Inc. designs, develops and manufactures customer-specific cable solutions for various industrial market segments. Our strength is in where miniaturization, flexibility or special durability are required. These cables are especially needed, but not limited to the fields of application including the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, medical instruments, robotics, sensor and control technology, traffic technology, as well as noisy environment technology.

Due to our many years of experience, P&D Cables Inc is a leader in cable innovation and technology. Through demanding quality controls, we held our products to the highest quality industry leading standards.