Heat and Coldness Resistant Cables

P&D Cables Inc.  offer range of single core and multicore cables for high temperature applications.

These cables are useful in metal foundaries, food processing industries, glass and ceramics manufacturing industries.

These cables can also we used in temperature sensing instruments, such as thermocouple applications.

We offer cables that can be used 24 hours continuous working sustaining ambient temperature ranging from – 190°C to + 1550°C.

High temperature products that we can offer includes, but not limited to :

  • High temperature silicone rubber cables
  • Fluorine-based high temperature cables
  • Mineral insulated cables
  • LSZH high temperature cables
  • Fiberglass sheathed cables
  • Special approval high temperature cables (UL 3644, UL 3239, UL 4476 … )
  • Special high flexible thermocouple cables for motion systems
Fiberglass Sheathed Cables
Mineral Insulated + Fiberglass Sheathed Cables
Si-Rubber Insulated Wire