3-Dimensional Robotic Cables

As the automation and machinery industry move towards high efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions, more and more industrial components need to reduce in their sizes and footprints yet increasing the usability and lifespan of the component.

P&D Cables Inc. aim to develop and research such cable solutions to meet the evermore demanding automation conditions.


Our Roboflexo Series are designed to meet our customers’ demanding requirements in three dimensional movements, such as in robot arms, and welding robots. Our robotic cables are designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal requriement. These cables often need to withstand rapid acceleration and deceleration. The need to withstand high tensile strength, mechanical compression, and torsional stresses. Often times robots are used in harmful working environments where humans are unable to be close by. The robots, and therefore its cables and wires need to withstand high environmental stresses, such as heat, coldness, oil, water, and various chemicals. Our cables are designed using special materials and the manufacturing process guarantee high mechanical flexibility, tensile strength and at the same time restricting the size of the cable to a minimal size. The cable is robust and high chemical and abrasion resistant, while keeping the flexible ability of the cable intact.

We also design special sheaths to protect the cables against the harshest industrial environments to prevent the downtime and replacement costs caused by the damaged cable and wires.

Our cables are designed to withstand up to 100 million alternating bending cycles. Please note the bending cycles will depend on the installation and the working environment of the cable. If you need special assistance in the installation of our cables, please let us know and our specialized engineers will assist in designing the most suitable system for your application.

Airtube Incorporation

We are able to incorporate airtubes into our cables as requested by our customers. Please find below an example of the incorporation.

Please find the below a complete specification sheet of the airtubes incorporation robotic cable design. Special designs are also available according to customers’ request.

Single Core 3-Dimensional Robotic Cables

The Roboflexo 3-Dimensional wire is designed with high endurance in mind. The wire is made from high performance compound material with special tear-resist construction and super fine strength enforced alloy conductors to ensure the wire’s high strength structure is maintained while keeping the wire’s high flexibility nature intact. Our engineers and technicians have designed the wire to withstand high-risk industrial 3-Dimensional movement applications.

USB3.0 Cables for 3-Dimensional Robotics

Our super flexible USB3.0 cables is specially designed for the 3D robotics automation movements. It is designed for high frequency data transmission necessary in the growing industrial application. The cable is widely used in image processing systems. The cable increases efficiency, precision, and productivity in today’s automation and manufacturing systems. The cable allows for a reliable and quick collection of data from the camera to the industrial server. The cable is designed for demanding image processing under extreme application environments.