Our Products

Specialized Cables for the New-age Automobile Industry

As the industry move towards the goal of an emission-free future, the importance of the wires and cables in the automobile industry is becoming ever more important in the world today.

Development of alternative cable technology suitable for renewable energy application, fuel consumption and emission reductions, as well as balancing efficiency and safety calls for specialized cables suitable for new applications in both manufacturing and utilization . These newly developed cables are produced in more complex processes and materials, yet resulted in far superior safety standards, and criteria for higher demanding working conditions, and environments.

Our cables are used in the below automobile systems:

  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Transmission Control Systems
  • Petrol and Diesel Engine Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fuel Cells


Customized Special Cables for Energy Production

In the field of energy production, high quality wire and cable materials are needed to accommodate the demanding nature of the industry.

We supply cables that can sustain temperatures ranging from -200°C to +1600°C. Through special sheath and insulation materials we are able to attain superior chemical and mechanical resistance, while maintaining exceptional electrical capabilities.

Our cables approvals includes many of the national and international standards , including but not limited to,  VDE, UL, CSA, EN, Lloyd.


Special Cables for Automation Industrial Applications

As the automation and machinery industry move towards high efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions, more and more industrial components need to reduce in their sizes and footprints yet increasing the usability and lifespan of the component. P&D Cables Inc. aim to develop and research such cable solutions to meet the evermore demanding automation conditions. The cable design, the materials and the manufacturing process guarantee high mechanical flexibility, tensile strength and at the same time restricting the size of the cable to a minimal size.

Our cables are used in the below industrial automation applications:

  • Sensors, Probes
  • Camera Systems
  • Multimedia
  • Control / Signal / Communication
  • High flexible moving applications, drag chains
  • Robotics, 3D movement, Robot Arms



Miniaturized Cable Solutions for Medical Applications

As the automated medical industry grow, P&D Cables Inc. produces cables in a wide range of medical applications. This requires high levels of technical sophistication including manageability, reliability, sterilization, and chemical sustainability.

Our cables are used in the below medical applications:

  • Electronic Surgery Instruments
  • Chemical Sensors
  • Medical Imagery Processing
  • High flexibility cables providing motion freedom to medical practitioner


Special High Flexible Cable Solutions for Clean Room Applications

P&D Cables Inc. offers flexible and fixed installation cables for use in clean room applications. The cables are designed and produced with special materials which meet the minimum emission requirements of particles into the ambient environment. These cables are halogen-free, flame retardant, and resistant to coolants, lubricants, and grease. Special cables are designed for moving applications such as robotics, and drag chains.

Our cables are used in the below clean room required environments:

  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Instruments Industry
  • Micro and Nano Technology
  • Food industry