Environment & Product Care (RoHS)


We, at P&D Cables Inc. , understand that it is our responsibility to do what we can to protect the world we all live in.

By improving the life time of our products, and using highest quality materials in our products, we are able to do our part in saving our planet.

We are proud to participate in programs around the world,  designed to facilitate the protection of our environment using superior quality, sustainable materials.

RoHS is one of the most recognized and rated programs restricting the use of hazardous substance in products. The European Union (EU) instituted RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC, which banned six substances (Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls, and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) from being used in our manufacturing process. The goal of this directive is to protect the environment and reduce exposure related health risks. We are proud to have participated in the program, and continue to eliminate these banned substances from our products.

In addition, we also take measures to be more ecologically-friendly in our factories, offices and warehouses. Protocols are constantly and continuously added to ensure we are doing whatever we can to help in a sustainable future.

Our technician engineers can also be reached for product usage advice in making sure that our products can last the longest lifetime.

Measures taken started from choosing the right and suitable products, and continue on through delivery, installation, usage, maintenance and disposal.

Technician engineers can help in choosing the most suitable cable for your application and your industrial environment. Please consider the below when choosing cable products:

Always prioritize safety, so choose a cable type and size that will work best for:

  • Prioritize safety, be conservative,  by choosing cable types and sizes that best suits your needs
  • Consider ambient temperature where the product will be used
  • Should mechanical strength be an issue, please contact our technician engineers for advises
  • Safety should be the foremost priority
  • Never use cables above the tested carrying capacity
  • Consider the expected performance in altered working environment

To prevent damages from occur during installation, please consider the below:

  • Avoid kinking, twisting of your wire and cable when installing
  • Kinking and twisting your cables can mechanically stress and weaken the conductors
  • Avoid tension and run-overs
  • Take note of the minimum bend radius
  • As our cable technician engineers for his or her recommendations for adjustments made to your industrial setting
  • Avoid any form of impact or crushing that can damage the jacket of the cable
  • Keep the wire and cables away from any elements that might cause damage to the cable, factor such as direct flame. Special cable types can sustain the use under direct flame. Please contact our technician engineers for details
  • If necessary, please reverse cable ends from time to time, to prevent one end from experiencing prolonged exposure to a harsh environment such as acid or base exposures.
  • Maintain a proper tension, not too tight or too lose, causing unnecessary stress to the cables
  • Make sure to have accountability for voltage drop, if left unaccounted it may lead to premature machine/motor failure
  • Machine can overheat, and causing stress to cables

When damages occur:

  • Please repair the cables before they are damaged beyond repair
  • Remove all cut and crushed cables before they lead to an unsafe condition
  • Consult our technician engineers for repair possibilities
  • Consult our technician engineers for temporary cable replacement for the time during the repair.

The importance of maintaining a spare cable stock:

  • Maintain a stock of spare cable to replace any damaged cable in case of a temporary fix

By discovering the root of the cable problems, help develop a preventative plan to prevent failures before they occur, we aim to extend the service life of your cables.

Through the help of you and I, we can properly care and maintain your wires and cables. Not only will we work towards protecting the world we live, we will also help you minimize the downtime of your systems, and allow them to be run efficiently and reliably through the lifespan of the product.

Please note all indications on this website have been made to the best of our knowledge. They are only a non-binding advice and serve as a starting point for plannings. They do not release the user from own tests regarding the suitability of the desired application purposes. Processing and the use of the products cannot be controlled by us and are therefore exclusively in the user’s field of responsibility.

All design on this website is subject to alteration if new realization will make it necessary.