Cables for Servo Drive Systems

2YSL(ST)CYK-J EMV-3Plus-UV Cables are specifically designed for power, control, and connecting cable for frequency converters. It ensures electromagnetic compatibility in industrial buildings, and facilities with operating equipment where the presence of electromagnetic interferences might negatively influence the surrounding environment and adjacent devices.

Specially Designed Cable Structure.

  • Conductor is made of super flexible, circular, annealed cu strands, acc. class 5, IEC 60288, VDE 0295.
  • The Insulation is made of layers of special polyethylene compound.
  • The cores are identified through labelling acc. to VDE 0293-308 (HD 308 S2)
  • Special PEPT foils are used as structural enforcement.
  • Two layers of screening are used to ensure maximum EMV screening incl. 100% Al foil and tinned cu. braiding.
  • Special polyvinyl chloride compound are applied as exterior sheath.
  • Sheath colors are available upon customers’ request.
  • Construction based on VDE 0250-1 and IEC 60502-1.
  • Flame retardant based on IEC 60332/ 1-2.

Electrical and Physical Characteristics

  • Rated Voltage: 600/1000V
  • AC Test Voltage: 4000V
  • Conductor Operating Temperature: Max. 70˚C
  • Working Temperature: -5˚C to +70˚C
  • Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x Diameter of the Cable