3KBT Series Special Polymer High-Current Cables


We are pleased to introduce our 3KBT Series Special Polymer High Current Single-core Cable. The 3KBT Series is specially designed for highly flexible laying in electrical facilities in automotive, automation, and electrical testing equipment. It is designed for both fixed laying and flexible applications without tensile stress and without defined cable routings.

The conductor is made up of super-finely stranded electrolytic copper wires, which while maintaining the strength and endurance of the conductors, do not compromise on the flexible nature of the cable wire.

We work with our partners, in creating one of the most robust yet easy to handle high current carrying cable wire. Together, we come up with customized sheath materials that work to our customers benefit in cost-saving and cable durability. For your peace of mind, the sheath of the cable is manufactured acc. to DIN VDE 0250. The cable is also self-extinguishing and flame retartant acc. to IEC standards.

Special polymer materials are used to ensure the high current endurance of the wire. This special material also allowed the cable to resist common chemical acid and bases. With robust exterior and resilient interior, we are able to keep the flexible characteristics of the cable intact.

The heat resistance of the single-core conductor is up to 90°C. Please note the ambient temperature of the conductor will influence the current carrying capacity of the wire. The permissible operating current will need to be adjusted according the particular purposes of the customers’ usage and its surrounding environments.

According to customers’ request, we are able to produce 0,6/1kV versions, as well as 1,8/3kV versions.

We have many of the conductor sizes ready in stock for purchase. Please find below one of the specification sheet for this cable wire. Please note, special versions, and different sizes are available.